REHOGAR X PLUS. Open Devices

From september 19 to october 27, 2019.

Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats, Barcelona (Spain)

Curating and activity program
Makea Tu Vida

Coordination of the working groups
Alberto Flores, Mireia Juan, Raquel Pelta, Efraín Foglia, Susanna Tesconi, Elisabet Roselló.

Initial selection of referents for the Time Machine
Raquel Pelta and Makea Tu Vida

Technical coordination and production coordination of Art Centre
Clara Renau, Míriam Soms, Raúl M. Candela (Trànsit Projectes)

Comunication of Art Centre
Mònica López-Ferrado, Xavier Arnaiz

Technical team
Ana Guerrero, Ana Pérez, Mar Coté

Exhibition design
Makea Tu Vida

Graphic design
Flou Flou D.A.

Production team
Makea Tu Vida and collaborators

Lighting and audiovisual installation
Jordi Bosqued, Alberto Calvete

Correction and translation
EMC Transcripcions

Interactive map programming

Photographic report
Eva Carasol

Graphic production
Maud Gran Format, Josep Olagorta


REHOGAR X PLUS. Open Devices is an experimentation and research process that takes the 496 projects from previous editions as their starting point and suggests reflecting on, putting into practice and jointly researching the thematic and methodological aspects encountered.

REHOGAR X PLUS. Open Devices is a 40-day collective research project which tackles the issue of design as an open form and as a resource. Based on these two perspectives, it functions as an experimental and open research unit that, through four devices, tracks historical models and examines real projects to situate the present, explore with our own hands their transforming possibilities and speculate on new contexts of living and future paths for design practice.


Time machine

A device that enables us to move through time. Returning to the past to recognise role models: figures, publications and milestones in history; understanding the present; and moving towards the future to make headway into new paths for design practice.
Coordination: Raquel Pelta, Elisabet Roselló, Makea Tu Vida.

Mutating atlas

A mapping device of projects, initiatives and communities that, through praxis, aim to mutate the territory and investigate new forms of living whilst respecting people and the environment.
Coordination: Susanna Tesconi and Makea Tu Vida.

A les eines!

a device for experimenting with production processes and is equipped with the necessary utensils and tools for different transformation techniques. It involves the challenge of activating some of the participating projects in previous editions of REHOGAR to evolve them and create new proposals.

Coordination: Makea Tu Vida.

Common artefacts

An archival device and development of mobile artefacts and devices that activate transformation processes in the territory through community work. It begins with the collection of artefacts that have participated in the different editions of REHOGAR and a selection of those developed by the Makea Tu Vida collective, to design and prototype the Mobile Unit XRCB-Barcelona Community Radio Network.
Coordination: Efraín Foglia and Makea Tu Vida