The Time Machine device

from september 19 to october 27, 2019.

Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats — Barcelona, Spain

REHOGAR X PLUS. Open devices

Curating and activity program
Makea Tu Vida

Coordination of the workgroup
Raquel Pelta, Elisabet Roselló, Mireia Juan, Alberto Flores

This project was carried out as a part of REHOGAR X PLUS. Open devices, a practical and cooperative research project lasting 40 days that approached the idea of design as an open format and resource. Starting from these two perspectives, the project served as a point of unity between experimental and collaborative investigation that traced historical references through four designs. It also examined real projects to anchor them in the present, explored their transformative possibilities up close and speculated about new contexts of living and future paths in the practice of design.

The Time Machine device allows us to travel through time. By returning to the past, we can learn about important figures, publications and key moments in history. Doing this helps us to understand the present, but also helps us move towards the future to advance new paths in the practice of design.

In order to do this, publications, archives, audiovisual materials and notable figures were traced, identified and given context through a timeline. This timeline was then used to help us propose future scenarios and speculate about the evolution of humanity.

The work was divided into two parts: a) Reflecting on the past to understand the present and imagine the future, from which point we tried to develop a collaborative chronology with historical references related to more socially and environmentally responsible design, and b) Unthinking and rethinking the future which entailed the exercise of generating possible future scenarios and creating collective narratives that describe these scenarios.

With an initial selection of 120 references, this artefact under construction is expanded with new contributions from visitors and participants in the in the device development working group.

One of the final results was a collaborative digital timeline that compiles all of the ‘rough’ contributions collected during the process. It can be viewed here.

The whole work process and recap of the different sessions was documented in the REHOGAR X PLUS Wiki.

Coordination of the workgroup:

Raquel Pelta — researcher and design historian.
Elisabet Roselló — historian and cultural researcher
Makea Tu Vida — provocateurs and promoters