CRIT Critical Chronology in Design

Sepember, 2020 – now.

Coordinated by
Mireia Juan, Alberto Flores

With the support of
Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

“CRIT Critical Chronology in Design” is an educational approach formed around a collection of timelines for different fields of action in design.

CRIT has a threefold objective – to demonstrate the transformative power of design, to be a pedagogical and research tool to help understand and take on current challenges and to be a vehicle for promoting the culture of design.

We urgently need to face the most serious social and environmental problems of our times, and CRIT does this from the perspective of historical examples that help us to understand this moment of crisis that we are living through, that invites us to explore the transformative possibilities of design and to respond, critically and creatively, to major challenges we are currently facing.

The project is formed around three key areas:

  1. Collaborative research to identify historical reference points in design culture: achievements, turning points, figures, objects, projects and reference publications in a variety of areas adjacent to the practice of design (ecology, society, open source knowledge, production and consumption, health and care).
  2. Creation of materials and resources that educators and educational communities can use to develop their skills and the key content of their educational journeys, always from the perspective of historical examples of design.
  3. Education and specific training in methodologies and pedagogical resources to create a more unified approach to the materials, ideas and dynamics of the project. This training is targeted towards professionals and educators as well as towards management teams in social and cultural centres, educational communities and organisations.

Glossary CRIT

Glosario CRIT v.1

Collaborative chronology

Cronología colaborativa CRIT