The MACBA kitchen

Date: July, 2019 – July, 2020

Location: MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

Objective: Design and fabrication of mobile kitchenettes to support activities and workshops that take place in The MACBA Kitchen.

Phase 1: Cocreation workshop for brainstorming, designing and beginning to build the prototype.

Phase 2: Final fabrication, finishing touches and improvements.

Coordinated by: Alberto Flores and David Orriols.

MACBA, in collaboration with artist Marina Monsonís, opens The Kitchen, a meeting space where any person or organisation who wants to share cooking-related knowledge and experience can meet.

Out of a collaboration between The MACBA Kitchen and Makea Tu Vida, these mobile kitchenettes were created in order to support activities and workshops that take place in this space.

La Cuina del MACBA

The Kitchen is made up of four units built from 1000-litre containers. The first unit has a stovetop and oven; another provides storage and a work surface; and two extra units form a table.

La Cuina del MACBA

The project was developed in two separate phases. The first was for brainstorming, designing and beginning to build prototypes in a co-creation workshop coordinated by Makea Tu Vida. The second phase was for finishing touches and improvements done by the Make Tu Vida team.

The units can be adapted to different situations, transforming the space according to the needs at hand in order to equip spaces for cooking and sharing food in company and comfort, while still keeping in mind the other actions that take place in the shared space.

“Cooking and trying out recipes, chatting about seasonal products, forgotten ingredients or cooking with kitchen scraps and sharing recipes from all over the world, adapted to different traditions, ingredients and flavours. This has also allowed us to imagine a future in which current models of food cultivation and consumption will be unsustainable.” This makes the MACBA Kitchen “a space for reflecting on food sovereignty, the end of fossil fuels (and the extreme dependence on oil in our current food model), climate change and the depletion of resources, all based on the knowledge and discourse that have been made possible by hard-working hands.”

La Cuina del MACBA

Los módulos

La Cuina del MACBA
La Cuina del MACBA
La Cuina del MACBA