Date: del 21 de septiembre al 28 de octubre de 2018.

Location: Fabra i Coats Espai Zero — Barcelona, España

Un proyecto de:
Makea Tu Vida

With the collaboration of:
Fabra i Coats: Fàbrica de Creació i Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Hirikilabs, laboratorio de cultura digital y tecnología – CICC Tabakalera
Medialab Prado
Centre Cultural La Nau de la Universitat de València, Vicerectorat de Cultura i Esport de la Universitat de València

Alberto Flores, Mireia Juan, Ana Pérez

Technical coordination and production coordination
Alberto Flores, Mireia Juan, Ana Pérez

Programme of activities
Alberto Flores, Mireia Juan

Exhibition design and production
Makea Tu Vida

Graphic and web design
Flou Flou D.A.

Graphic production
Laboratoris Color EGM

Correction and translations
EMC Transcripcions
Euskagintza bulegoa itzulpenak

Actitud Atelier (Grecia, Costa Rica)
Alejandra Calderón (Ciutat de Guatemala, Guatemala)
Andrea de Chirico (Roma, Itàlia)
Andreu Carulla (Banyoles, Espanya)
Bambusa estudio (Vigo/Valencia, Espanya)
Basurama + alumnos y alumnas (Madrid, Espanya)
Brandalism (Diversos països)
Cocina de Guerrilla (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Espanya)
Conjuntos Empáticos (Madrid, Espanya)
De Bigot Enrotllat (Valencia, Espanya)
Dias Bons Design (Barcelona, Espanya)
Disarming Design From Palestine + Ahmed Nasser (Birzeit, Palestina)
ecoBirdy (Amberes, Bèlgica)
Elisa De Simone (Ciutat de Mèxic, Mèxic)
Esfèrica (Barcelona, Espanya)
FACCyR – CTEP (Argentina)
Fairphone (Amsterdam, Països Baixos)
Freedome (València, Espanya)
Gambiologia (Belo Horizonte, Brasil)
Grupo Bondi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Isaac Cores Irago (Vilagarcía de Arosa, Espanya)
Jorge León Pérez (Madrid, Espanya)
Kodai Iwamoto (Tokyo, Japó)
Lendi (Barcelona, Espanya)
Luis G. Sanz (Madrid, Espanya)
Marina Fernández Ramos + tejedoras y vecinxs de Valverde de La Vera (Madrid, Espanya)
Nukak (Barcelona, Espanya9
Oficina Remake (Belo Horizonte, Brasil)
Open Source Ecology (Estats Units d’Amèrica)
Orekari Estudio/ Enter This (Madrid/Pamplona, Espanya)
Pola Salicka and Ruhan Chen (Varsòvia/Hang Zhou, Polònia/Xina)
Polimeer (Amsterdam, Països Baixos)
Precious Plastic (Helmond, Països Baixos)
Projeto Vizinhança (Porto Alegre, Brasil)
Rita Koralevics (Budapest, Hongria)
System Design Studio (Barcelona, Espanya)
Tipi (Bilbao, Espanya)
Todo Por La Praxis/TXP (Madrid, Espanya)
Tunipanea (Bilbao, Espanya)
Universidad Simón Bolívar (Caracas, Veneçuela)
Yoel Cruz Design (Barcelona, Espanya)

REHOGAR is a collective exhibition and an annual gathering focussing on open design and reuse as tools for a social transformation in which better resource use, respect for people and the environment are key issues.

In this tenth edition, REHOGAR invites guests on a tour through an ecosystem of practices, tools and products which could alter our current consumption and production patterns.

Xth edition

REHOGAR – Open Design and Reuse showcases a wide range of projects which differ hugely in their level of complexity and scale of application. All have been developed to awaken our consciousness and to instigate change in our ways of living and interacting. Each one, in its own way, opens up and consolidates paths towards greater social and environmental justice.

These are real projects which provide everyday solutions and are worth far more than physical objects and their applications. More than 40 projects from across the world take a step away from the commercial throwaway culture and bring us closer to a collective and global consciousness based on using, caring and transforming.

Exhibited projects

Of the 45 exhibited proposals, half of them have been selected through an open call for projects and workgroups that took place the months before to the opening. The collection is completed with a selection of projects invited by the organization that want to amplify the dialogue that the exhibition proposes.

R&T programme

REHOGAR Open Design and Reuse celebrates its tenth edition with a R&T program (Research & Touring).

On the one hand, within the framework of REHOGAR X PLUS. Open Devices, we have started a collective research process that takes the projects from previous editions as their starting point and suggests reflecting on, putting into practice and jointly researching the thematic and methodological aspects encountered.

On the other hand, the Xth edition of REHOGAR exhibition has been touring in collaboration with some of the most relevant art and cultural production centers of Spain: Fabra i Coats: Contemporary Art Center of Barcelona and Art Factory, Medialab Prado and Central del Diseño (Dimad) of Madrid, Tabakalera International Center of Contemporary Culture of Donostia / San Sebastián and the La Nau Cultural Center of Valencia.


REHOGAR X Barcelona

Espai Zero Fabra i Coats. Barcelona
20.09.18 – 28.10.18

REHOGAR X Donostia-San Sebastián

Tabakalera CICC. Donostia
05.12.18 – 03.02.19


Central del Diseño / Medialab Prado. Madrid
06.06.19 – 21.07.19

Xª edición REHOGAR Diseño ABierto y REutilización en Valencia La Nau Centre Cultural

La Nau Centre Cultural. Valencia
14.01.20 – 04.02.20


REHOGAR X PLUS. Open Devices has been a collective research project which tackles the issue of design as an open form and as a resource. Based on these two perspectives, it functions as an experimental and open research unit that, through four devices, tracks historical models and examines real projects to situate the present, explore with our own hands their transforming possibilities and speculate on new contexts of living and future paths for design practice.

REHOGAR X PLUS. Open Devices takes place in the Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats in Spain from September 19 to October 27, 2019.


A series of activities will be run in parallel to the exhibition to disseminate and explore its theoretical framework, to enable participants to discover first-hand and implement some of the solutions and initiatives on show, and to create spaces for remix and fun which foster collaboration networks.


Catálogo REHOGAR Diseño Abierto y Reutilización — Xª edición

Exhibition furniture manual

Siguiendo con la filosofía de la exposición, abrimos la documentación del diseño del mobiliario expositivo de la Xª edición REHOGAR.
Siguiendo con la filosofía de la exposición, abrimos la documentación del diseño del mobiliario expositivo de la Xª edición REHOGAR.

Call for projects video