PAM-PAD mobile devices v2.0

Date: January, 2020

Location: Nave 16 TMDC.

Receiver: Citizen Participation Area of Barcelona City Council

Objetive: Update and improvement on the fleet of mobile devices used to carry out participatory proposals under the City of Barcelona’s Municipal Action Programme (PAM) 2020-2023.

Coordination: Makea Tu Vida

Fabrication: Alberto Flores with the collaboration of Mireia Juan, David Orriols, Marcel Miret and Josephine Bonnotte.

This is an update of and improvement on the fleet of mobile devices for the Municipal and District Action Programme (PAM-PAD) 2016–2019, a participatory process of citizen consultation led by the City Hall of Barcelona in different districts. It will establish the key concepts, lines of work, objectives and main actions of the municipal government over a period of four years.

We have developed an improved version of the mobile devices that were planned for the previous project (version 1.0), using any parts and materials that could be recycled and applying new features and upgrades (see the report on improvements and upgrades).

The teams in charge of deploying this participatory process in the 10 districts of Barcelona will have one or two mobile devices as an identifying element to help facilitate consultations and participatory engagement in public space.

Each device will contain storage spaces, work surfaces and bulletin boards to help the deployment teams and encourage citizen participation.

The model

Report on improvements and upgrades