PAM-PAD mobile devices v.1.0

Date: March, 2016

Location: Fabra i Coats Art Factory and Taller La Fundició del Poblenou (Barcelona, Spain).

Receiver: Citizen Participation Area of Barcelona City Council

Objetive: Collaborative design and fabrication of the fleet of mobile devices to support and facilitate the city’s participatory budgets of

Concept by: Mireia Juan, Daniel Pardo, Roger Pujol, Rai Vila, Josian Llorente, Albert Capella and Alberto Flores.

Fabrication: Alberto Flores, Albert Capella, Mireia Juan, Luís García.

Collaboration: Josep Anton Fitó.

Bluprint designs: Guifré Tasies.

We have developed the conceptualisation, collaborative design and functional prototype of the mobile device for PAM (Municipal Activation Plan), a participatory process of public enquiries in different districts created by the City Council of Barcelona’s Area of Citizen Participation to field suggestions from citizens and incorporate them into the final version of the PAM-PAD mobile device.

The dynamic teams in charge of carrying out the participatory process in each of the 10 districts that make up the city of Barcelona will be given a mobile device as the basic support infrastructure for carrying out enquiries. It will also serve as an identifiable element to help implement different participatory dynamics in public space, to encourage citizen participation on the platform and to give the neighbourhood residents an opportunity to build a better city together.


As a final result, we created a total of 10 completely unique mobile devices that will traverse each of the city’s ten districts and will be adapted to the specific needs of the district it serves.


Each mobile device – with its storage features, folding surfaces and custom-built frames – will attempt to support and facilitate the work of the different dynamic teams. They were built using the ‘construction materials’ as a symbol of the spirit of constructive criticism in this Municipal Plan.



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