Date: 2007 – currently

Objetive: Collaborative platform focused on research and learning in the fields of Open Design, Reuse and DIY.

Initiated by:
Makea Tu Vida

Design and navigability:
Alberto Flores
Mireia Juan

Iván Vergés
Mireia Juan

Misha Morozov
Alfonso s. Uzabal

Static contents:
Makea Tu Vida
Susana Gallego
Sandra Mediavilla
Irene Santiago

el-Recetario.net is a collaborative platform focused on research, experimentation and harnessing of leftover resources in order to build furniture and accessories for the Hábitat, where a community of creators share what they do and how they do it, learning from and collaborating with others.

el-Recetario.net is a repository of open content, composed of ‘recipes’ for creating objects, furniture, spaces and systems by reusing discarded materials. Every recipe has step-by-step instructions for assembly that detail the ingredients and tools used, as well as the knowledge and techniques needed to carry out the construction. Each user then decides how and in what format to share what they have done.

el-Recetario.net allows you to not only document construction processes, but also to link them to a certain context, community and history.

The content on el-Recetario.net is open for anyone to use, but anyone can also contribute to it by altering the designs to make them their own. A different material can be used, dimensions can be modified or a different kind of assembly or finish can be applied. This approach highlights that anyone, with a bit of practice and skill, can be a designer and creator of almost any element for the home or urban environment.

Currently the platform has a community of around 950 individual users from different countries and more than 550 design ‘recipes’. It serves as an online reference for Open Design and Recycling, both nationally and internationally.

From its initial stage in 2007 until today, the platform has evolved with the help of collaborators and developers who have continued to contribute to different tasks, giving us their support and knowledge.

Some thoughts on the platform