DECIDIM Furniture

Date: April-June, 2018.

Location: Fabra i Coats Art Factory, Barcelona (Spain).

Receiver: Laboratory of Democratic Innovation, Barcelona City Council.

Objetive: Construction of a multi-functional and reconfigurable furniture system for community groups.

Fabricated by: Alberto Flores, Santiago Doljani, Rebeca Ros and Ferran Noguera.

Blueprint designs: Ana Guerrero, Mireia Juan and Giulia Valente.

We designed and constructed furnishings for the facilities of the digital citizen participation platform Decidim / Laboratory of Democratic Innovation. It is an open furnishing system that provides the minimum infrastructure needed for creating a space in which to work, gather, exchange ideas and seek inspiration.

The furniture is made up of a system of modular tables, panels/boards and mobile cubbyholes. A combination of elements that, when rearranged, make it possible to transform working spaces by adapting to different needs, collaborative efforts and storage requirements. The design is based on the playful arrangement of basic geometric shapes.