REHOGAR 8 · Open Design & Reuse

REHOGAR is not quite a usual exhibition. It is a collective invitation to think with our hands, to be an active part of a series of transformation processes.

The exhibition is centered in open practices around Design, that pose modifications in actual consumer habits, that are capable of generating knowledge and distributed economy and that explore ways to social and environmental sustainability though best use of resources.

In its eight edition, REHOGAR pays special attention to communities of people, professionals, collectives and networks that activate transformation processes around them, and make possible the reproduction of these processes in other contexts. Those transformations become possible through reuse techniques, and open design methodologies, a design that grows and evolves because it can be improved for and by others.

The exhibition explores a wide range of transformations through a selection of 54 proposals with an open, shareable DNA, showing the processes, practices and tools that provide social transformation of quotidian life. 35 of the proposals have been selected 3 through an open call that took place few months before the opening. The collection is completed with a sample of projects invited by the organization seeking to amplify the dialogue that the exhibition offers.

REHOGAR is a space for reflection too, where questions about the relevance and choices to evolve towards this kind of behaviors and ways to work, can be shared.

As tentative responses, REHOGAR puts a diverse content on display. A tour passing by furniture and lighting prototypes, that explore transformation processes of a low intensity and a high impact; citizen labs that process waste in a small scale; swings that illuminate public spaces; strategies of shared resource management and new bioplastic materials that allow us repairing and modifying world around us. This selection of interdisciplinary experiences wants to serve as a map to explore spaces, methods, resources and communities that bring with them evidences, reasons, attitudes, politics, practices, implications and fondnesses that sustain the development of collaborative projects, open source, social and environmental responsibility, shared optimization of the resources and opening towards experimental forms and models..

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of activities that want to expand the theoretical framework, knowledge and practice behind the projects exhibited in REHOGAR. Workshops, discussions, tours and presentations are some of the formats you will find.

Date: del 10 de Noviembre al 4 de Diciembre de 2016.

Place: Museu del Disseny — Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Makea Tu Vida

With the support of:
Museu del Diseny de Barcelona · Ajuntament de Barcelona

van Aubel & Shaw (Londres, Reino Unido)
Vicente Mas (Valencia)
Transfodesign (Barcelona)
Taller Esférica (Barcelona)
Susana Moliner & Enorme (Madrid)
Studio Swine (Londres, Reino Unido)
Sol Bucalo (Barcelona)
Silo Studio (Londres, Reino Unido)
Rosa Samperio & Pablo Asarian (Valencia)
Recrea2 (Bilbao)
Reciclado Creativo (Valencia)
Recetas Urbanas (Sevilla)
Primitive Urban Living (Palma)
Peter Trimble (Londres, Reino Unido)
Peter Marigold (Londres, Reino Unido)
Pepe Gimeno (Valencia)
Paola Ciocca (Barcelona)
Nosinger (Aioicho, Japón)
Mireia Gordi & Federico Trucchia (Barcelona/Ancona)
Micaella Pedros (Londres, Reino Unido)
Melissa Ghiette (Gante, Bélgica)
Maderaje (Madrid)
Libre Objet (Bruselas, Bélgica)
Leonardo Cayuela (Barcelona)
Las tres sillas (Valencia)
LaCol (Barcelona)
Josep Mª Congost (Valencia)
Jorge Penades (Madrid)
Jesse Howard (Amsterdam, Países Bajos)
Invitar.A.Entrar (Calella)
In Situ (Caracas, Venezuela)
Hirikilab (Donostia)
Guido Puccioni (Livorno, Italia)
Gemma Peña (Barcelona)
Full Grown (Wirksworth, Reino Unido)
Free Design Bank (Valencia)
François Jaubert (Peniche, Portugal)
Francesca Miazzo (Amsterdam, Países Bajos)
Flou Flou D.A. (Valencia)
Federica Sala (Barcelona)
Escala Digital / Medialab Prado (Madrid)
Ernesto Oroza (Miami, EEUU)
Érika Esteban (Barcelona)
Eix Pere IV (Barcelona)
De Bigot Enrollat (Valencia)
DAT Pangea (Madrid/París)
Cucula (Berlin, Alemania)
Cristina Bea Solana (Barcelona)
Colectivo Arre (Valencia)
Carolina Micó (Valencia)
Cadascú (Valencia)
Basurama/Kaleka (Madrid/Lekeitio)
Amics de l’Ateneu Santboià (Sant Boi)
Àngel Pérez (Barcelona)
Alehop! (Barcelona)

Thanks to:
Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats, La Fundició del Poblenou, Jardí Botànic de la Universitat de València, Ateneu de Fabricació de La Fàbrica del Sol.

Curation & coordination:
Makea Tu Vida

Technic Team:
Alberto Flores, Mireia Juan, Luís García, Ana Pérez, Francesco Intrieri, Josep Anton Fitó, Guifré Tasies, Santiago Doljanin.

Graphic design 8th edition: Alba Fernández.

Video: Elliot Alcalde